Rottweiler Breeders in South Africa

Martin & Maria
Kubrat Poly

We are a small breed show kennel in South Africa. Generations of Excellence, we have top european bloodlines, World Champion Ragnar v.h. Falconsnest, Ch GV Vonsophias Mirlen, Ch GV Chanteur Dokai, Ch Vonsophias Kazan, Ch Mambo Von der Teufelsbrucke, Ch Cliff Von der Konigskanzel. We hope you enjoyed your visit around our website.

Kubrat Faro

Sire/Padre/Pére/Vater: "Kubrat" Apollo (Poly) X Dam/Madre/Mere/Mutter: "Kubrat" Haven

Martin & Maria
Kubrat Faro

The choice between a show quality Rottweiler and a pet quality Rottweiler is a very personal one. There is no right or wrong answer here. Often the difference between the two puppies is indistinguishable to all but professional breeders and show judges.

Kubrat Orea

Rottweilers are strong, bold, and beautiful dogs

Martin & MariaKubrat Orea

Rottweilers are popular dogs, not just in South Africa but also in other countries around the world. As a matter of fact, this amazing breed maintains position number 9 among others when it comes to popularity according to American Kennel Club.